Client driven solutions.
Responsible transformation.

SAYtr Advisory & Assistance LLC
Akiva Consulting
Planners, Team Builders and Program Managers.
A Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned Small Business.

SAYtr: A Powerful Tool for your Subcontracting Plan

Small, Mighty, and Fast

Continued Improvement

We are a close-knit team of professionals dedicated to integrating, implementing, and executing our clients’ vision with a culture of excellence.   SAYtr is an award-winning firm with 15 years demonstrated track record of meeting and exceeding client needs. 
We’re small, fast and cost-effective. Our small size has enabled us to move quickly at all times, at competitive cost. We leave every place better for having been there.     ​
Our sustained track record of exemplary work demonstrates our ability to maintain continuity on Client Site while effecting continual improvement.   


Forging partnerships in strategic planning.
Leveraging size for tactical flexibility.

SAYtr is a Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned,Veteran-Owned Small Business who for over 15 years has played a key role in Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) support through their work on the Global Engineering, Integration and Technical Assistance (GEITA) contracts and now plays a key role in the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) GEITA 11 and General Services Administration (GSA) One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) managing Coast Guard Facilities.  

One hundred percent of SAYtr’s projects have been completed on-time and within budget.  SAYtr is proud to have worked with such clients as AGEISS, Gemini Industries, Collins Consulting, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Booz Allen Hamilton. 

SAYtr was awarded “Most Valuable Employer for the Military (MVE)” by and Bradley-Morris five years in a row from 2010- 2014.  SAYtr's strength is in small size, flexibility and speed as a small business, yet with the knowledge of engaging the reachback of the large business partner. SAYtr specializes in Management Consulting and Intelligent Team Augmentation in the fields of Engineering, Infrastructure and Facilities Support Services; Program Management, and Transition Leadership.      


Partnering with stakeholders to find solutions and improvements:
leveraging our bank of collective knowledge and know-how.

Client Driven Solutions.
Responsible Transformation.

We know our resources. We find and place highly specialized individuals in hard-to-fill positions.

Strength of the hybrid. We’re civilian and military, with a wide breadth of experience across the Continental United States (CONUS), Europe, East and Southwest Asia.

We’re sensitive to globalism: We speak French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and the language of the U.S. Military. 

We get involved with our Community: We volunteer with organizations, serve on Boards of Directors, and we encourage a work-life balance in our workforce, thereby increasing retainability.

We support the Department of Defense: We perform advisory and assistance work in support of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)’s Global Engineering, Integration & Technical Assistance (GEITA) program and the GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) 

Professionals in SAYtr have performed construction management work with AFCEC, NASA, USACE, and FEMA and have experience working with such companies as AGEISS, Lockheed Martin, URS Corp, Parsons, Lockheed-Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton and Alutiiq.

SAYtr Advisory & Assistance LLC
Akiva Consulting

Planners, Team Builders and Program Managers.
A Registered Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned Small Business.



  • 87420000  Management Consulting Services
  • 94410000  Government - Manpower
  • 87420402  Construction Project Mangement Consultant
  • 87110400  Con struction and Civil Engineering

  • 541611  General Mangement Consulting
  • 923130  Resources Administration 
  • 541330  Engineering Services


The best collaborations are made with focus and genuine intent. 
The enduring solutions that result from our work are based on 
 the bedrock of strong relationships we have built and sustained.

Engaging and employing veterans, spouses, and prior civil servants.

Consulting Support

  • Transition Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Facilities and Construction Management
  • DoD Housing Privatization (HP)
  • Community and Master Planning
  • Force Beddown and Realignments
  • Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)
  • Planning and Programming
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Sustainment Activities
  • Master Planning
  • Effective Transition Leadership
  • Systems Integration
  • Non-Traditional Funding Sources
  • Public-Private Ventures
  • Responsive Programming
  • Restoration and Compliance
Tamara Say  AIA NCARB
President, CEO

• 20+ Years experience
• United States Air Force Veteran, Civil Engineer Squadron (CES)
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate
• Booz-Allen-Hamilton Alum


Tel.: 210.241.2771
Fax: 800.805.0302



Position: Senior Planner 
Location: Various
Clearance Required: None 
Background: Seeking innovative, results-oriented individuals with the creativity, initiative, and intelligence to overcome any challenge and succeed. Members of our team thrive in a culture that is anticipatory, agile, and schedule-driven; with a sense of urgency and a drive to succeed. The work culture involves: 
The best and brightest personnel, 
Work at a high operations tempo, 
Integrated teams delivering rapid solutions, 
An attitude that balances I can make it better with As long as we succeed. 
Minimum Qualifications: 
Extensive experience with the DD Form 1391 Planning Process including Problem Statements (PS), Planning Proposals (PP), Execution Proposals (EP), Planning Proposal Reports (PPR) and Master Plans. Experience in construction, engineering, and/or architecture required for capital improvement cost estimates, life cycle cost analysis, and total ownership cost analysis. Specific experience with Federal planning work which includes alternative analysis as well experience with the DOD planning processes and impacts. Specific experience with Federal planning work of the most complex nature. This includes publically and congressional visible or sensitive projects, time sensitive and high dollar projects, and projects involving environmental/ historic preservation concerns. Knowledge of AutoCAD, Windows Vista, MS Office, and Federal Government Contracting (Federal Acquisition Regulations). 
Functional Responsibilities: 
Facilities Planning: 
Develop and complete planning documentation in accordance with the CG Field Planning Manual and the DD Form 1391 Planning Process for shore facilities acquisition, construction, or modification in support of CG missions. 
Prepare documents to include but not limited to: Problem Statements (PS), Planning Proposals (PP), and Execution Proposals (EP). 
Determine project objectives, planning factors, and project planning schedule with key milestones, and the critical path identified. 
Coordinate and assemble project Planning Factors and Stakeholder Criteria. 
Coordinate Real Property and Environmental actions in support of planning efforts with the direct support of the on-staff environmental specialist and others.
Develop and coordinate schematic layouts and elevations, site plans, utility systems components, geotechnical data, economical analysis, space utilization studies, business case analyses, life-cycle-cost analyses, and mission requirements. 
Assemble and assess viable and non-viable alternatives by providing detailed supporting rational in narrative and graphic form resulting in the selection of a recommend course of action. 
Plan projects to include but not limited to: Fast Response Cutter (FRC) facilities; C-27 aircraft facilities; C-130J aircraft facilities, Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) facilities; new unit(s) establishment facilities; existing shore facilities recapitalization. 
Site Planning Support: 
Develop space utilization studies, basic facilities requirements, and facility use investigations as decision making tools for personnel and resource allocation. 
Investigate sites to determine feasibility of proposed new construction projects, topography, and site data for additions of renovations, environmental impact, condition assessments of existing structures, and other pertinent data. 
Stakeholder Liaison 
Coordinate with the CG Headquarters, SILC, Facilities Design and Construction Center (FDCC), District Planners, and local operational stakeholders. 
Engage with Federal, State, and local partners; specifically Department of Defense (DoD) agencies for collocation of operational facilities and the General Services Administration (GSA) for acquisition of Federal and commercial facilities. 
Facilitate meetings, preparation and delivery of high-level formal presentations. 
Economic Analysis and Budget Support 
Develop capital improvement cost estimates, life cycle cost analysis, total ownership cost analysis, and lease cost estimates in support of project design, construction, and execution. 
Establish budget tracking system for managed projects. 
Assist with preparing annual project budget submissions for the prioritized shore facilities requirements list (Prioritized SFRL) and Centralized Planning Project Prioritization Board. 
Desired Characteristics: We seek:
Highly-motivated self-starters, 
Resourceful individuals with extraordinary intellectual capability and the ability to rapidly learn and apply new concepts, 
Individuals who have a let me try attitude and are resilient, who present an opinion/position, justify it, and then accept whatever decision is made and charge forward, 
Individuals who view criticism as an opportunity to improve (let me try again), 
Individuals who think and create, enhancing the company with a steady flow of fresh ideas, new perspectives, and energy.
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Architecture or Engineering.